About Us
Mr. Yash Goenka completed his schooling from Aiglon School, Switzerland, and is a graduate from University of London. He has worked as a director with Dynamix group for 2 years. He is the founder and managing director of Conwood Realty Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. K. M. Goenka is the founder and chairman of the group, Conwood Group grew immeasurable heights in past twenty years. Spanning diverse statement from Real Estate, Hospitality, Granite & Marble, Dairy, Medical, Education & Jewellery, now managed by young visionaries.

At Conwood we believe in constantly evolving with our innovative thoughts and ideas. Our continuous performance, never ending drive, infinite growth and the endless power to excel are the many facets of our achievements.

At Conwood we believe in exceeding our client’s expectation by following the fundamental principle of   “doing more”.

Bina Goenka is chairperson of Conwood Realty. Hailing from well known family that runs the Dynamix group of company, she is also related to a well known jewellery brand Bina Goenka. She is a law graduate, having over 15 years of experience in jewellery manufacturing. The dazzling creation at the store reveals the unmistakable style and talent of the creator, Bina Goenka. She is ambitious, intelligent and vigorous, she has the capability to transform the company providing it with a new style.